The banya's tailored shell made of military surplus wool blankets for insulatory or R value and as a fire retardant over a drop cloth canvas inner shell. The banya seats 8 and was entirely constructed of reclaimed materials. Made of wood, salvaged 1970's era stoneware chiminaya with flue, thoroughly washed canvas drop cloth and military surplus wool blankets. Benches surrounding the oven also entirely made of found lumber. A bath house of this sort, in my opinion is a necessary for enduring the miserable upper mid-western winters found here in Omaha, Nebraska. Temperatures reach 180 degrees and after 30 to 45 minute stays before bathers are encouraged to cover themselves with towels and run inside my home and take a quick cold shower and then return once again to the banya. Eucalyptus oil is added to a basin of water and then occasionally with a ladle poured on the outside of the stoneware chiminaya oven creating a hot blast of fragrant medicinal steam. Guests are asked not to eat 1/2 hour before entering the banya and 45min after completing a bathing cycle. Water is drank often while inside.

Banya structural illustration