"Smaller Reclaimed Materials Projects" Omaha dumpsters have been kind. 1:First slide reclaimed pine for benches treated with reclaimed linseed oil. Table with cutting board top all reclaimed pine, birch ply, walnut treated with reclaimed linseed and mineral oil. Cleaver made of reclaimed 1/8" steal, walnut, and apricot wood for handle. Found meet grinder attached. 2: Second slide, four person sweet lodge, reclaimed pine laminated into strips to form curved bands for light weight frame. Reclaimed canvas drop cloth, washed thoroughly then sewn with canvas ties for attach to frame. 3: Wood fire pizza oven made of left over clay from Pre-conscious Space project, earth, broken glass, broken ceramics, a pallet, found fire brick, pine, and burlap. Fueled by untreated, unpainted found lumber. Patio made from found bricks and stone with pulverized glass as fill. 4: Forth slide compost tumbler made of reclaimed pine treated with linseed oil, hardware made or found, 55 gallon drum pulled from the Missouri River then thoroughly washed. 5: Raised garden on unused parking area 4'x23'x1'. Because of neighborhood lead contamination garden lined with 6mm reclaimed plastic then 12" of found stone and mason to create raised bed. Filled with Oma-Gro (City of Omaha's collected yard waste, then composted and sold very cheep). Tomato cages, cucumber cages and fencing (fence not shown) made of reclaimed lumber. 6: Sixth slide, cat scratch made of reclaimed pine treated with linseed, found steel boning and mink for tassel, reclaimed hemp twine for post.

reclamed lumber, found drop cloths