Three and a half months of construction. Located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Materials list: One ton of dry red brick clay quarried from south eastern Nebraska at 5 cents per lbs, 40,000 lbs pulverized recycled glass from Council Bluffs Iowa (delivery and materials donated), 150 lbs of Nebraskan flour to become 170 gallons of wheat paste, 8 lbs Borax added to wheat paste as a mold preventive, 45 lbs reclaimed linseed oil with the barrel later to become a compost tumbler (delivery and material donated), 300 lbs paraffin wax for candles (material and delivery donated), 130 cubic feet of phone books (material and delivery donated). All lumber (amount unknown) either scavenged, donated, reclaimed then cut unto strips then woven through out the space. Coffee bags/burlap (amount unknown) all materials donated or reclaimed. All glass bottles used as candle molds then used as aggregate donated or found. Al timber of indigenous species (material and delivery donated). 4 bales of local straw. 120 lbs of found portland cement. 7 4'x8' sheets acrylic glass either donated, purchased, or found. 3 florescent lights with gels (donated). Audio equipment includes 2 full range PA speakers (used), 12 channel mixing desk (used) and one 18" subwoofer.
All construction waste used. Used as aggregate or tensile strength in "cob" mix.

photo by Larry Gawel Hesse McGraw getting on my case Dapose manhandling my dog Even drunk on the job The Midge balls deep in clay Steve Carter removing a bat. Making of speeker stands